Best Friends and CabOoDLes

We Are CabOoDLes Winners!!!

 Another Fabulous surprise that happen to me during New York Fashion Week was that my bestie and i are always taking photos so we took a bunch of pictures on our very first day at NYFW of each other at the CabOoDLes Lounge  since it's all sparkly with the Pink Carpet and all.
Alina has to have perfect pictures she's a perfectionist lol which i was saying in my head omg more pics you are killing me hahaha not knowing that she will pick the picture of us to and post it to her instagram with some contest where u had to hashtag something CabOoDLes and she did and little did we know she will be picked to win one of these Fabulous Make-Up cases with a mirror perfect for traveling once she was announced a winner by a CabOoDLes Comment on instagram she claimed her Pink Make-up Case but due that both of us were in the picture we were both winner because the picture of fashion best friends was just to fabulous.
So i want to Thank my friend Alina Blogger of The Style Socialite for posting our photo and making my day by winning a Pink CaBooDLes Make up Box with a Mirror.
Mdoll and Alidoll

Pink Fabulosity all over the CabOoDLes Lounge.

FALLiday Collection

Something Pink

This is the Exact CabOodles Make-up traveling case we won but in the darker pink.

Black and White in Style

This is it am so excited to have won, thanks to my friend Alina Instagram picture of us.