Photo by Elias Nuñez.

 Bio: Martha Luna is a Latina Influencer, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, content creator. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has been based in New York/Jersey City, United States.

Since 2010, She shows her talent and creativity through her fashion blog mdollnyc.com, inspiring many girls and women in fashion, style and worldwide daily. In 2015 she took her first step as a designer and launched a line called the Bilingual Collection in collaboration with Venezuelan designer Astrid Carolina. Her second step as a designer was in collaboration with the designer Gionna Nicole from Avid Swim in the Caicos Collection, which was unveiled in February 2016 in New York City. It featured pieces of graphics and prints in contrast with white and black. Luna designed a special swimsuit edition called "La Luna/” which added a touch of her favorite color pink to the collection. These samples were exhibited during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016. As the CEO and face of her own brand MNYC www.mnycshop.com Martha brings her fashionable and stylish spirit to the city for the creative and chic design and manufacture of the products of her make-up bag, clutch and coin pouch line. Martha is 34 years old she's very devoted to God and her message daily is to inspire young girls to love themselves, dream big and believe that everything is possible when you work hard at it.
Martha is also the founder of Sisterhood of Faith along her partner Samantha Murillo, their mission is to help and volunteer with their worldwide organization.

 This is your online lifestyle destination of a latina fashionista to get inspired and informed about fashion and the amazing events in NYC and my travel experiences all over the world. I break all the rules in fashion, trends or no trends, dress as you please as long as you kill them with style, having your unique style and being original is what makes you. 

MDOLLNYC combines elements and looks from the runway mixing them with her own street style and always giving you her fresh input in fashion. This is more than a blog it's a way to stay fabulous and be inspired.

Martha Luna aims to INSPIRE young girls to develop their own unique style to be positive, confident, determined and always believe most importantly in themselves and that dreams can and will become true if you work very hard at it. Believe and Dream with GOD all is possible.

I am truly BLESSED to be living my dreams every day. I Hope to inspire others the same way others have inspired me in some way, always Believe in yourself and Never Give up, hard work takes time but remember it always pays off. This is my life, Martha Luna.

XO Martha Luna.