Thursday, February 5, 2015

Change in the Storm

Dear Papa Pete.

On December 29th i lost my stepdad, almost a month and a half ago, and i miss him sooooo much, my husband's betrayal was painful but loosing my stepdad during the same time was even harder.
I always though of my self as a lucky girl, because i have 2 great dad's so basically i had the best of both worlds, because they are so different, each dad balances the perfect dad for me.

Words cannot explain how much you mean to me nothing could ever compare or ever be, i was lucky to have the best stepdad for 19 years of my life.
You will always be my Papa Pete, you're my leaning post, even though you may be gone, you'll still be in my heart, you'll always be real close even though we're far apart.
While you're in heaven, please watch over me and help me as i grow, you have taught me so much but there is still so much more to know.
I'm not saying goodbye or that i can't go on i'll say i love you, and see you later even thought you're gone.
I love you Peter Allen, more than you'll ever know, i know you'll be in heaven as a shinning star no matter how far away you seem, heaven is never too far.

A thousand words won't bring you back, i know because i've tried: neither will a thousand tears, i know because i've cried.

To live in the hearts of others is never to die. Forever in my heart Papa Pete you will never be forgotten, thanks for being a great dad, for all your wisdom and lectures and for this Father & Daughter's dance in September.

I Love you forever
R.I.P Peter Allen.

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