Inspiring Note: Do You Believe in Miracles.

Photographed by Dawin Rodriguez.
M & H: Aridio Garcia.
I'm ready for a miracle spcially for my birthday month and I hope I receive one too.  May your prayers, visualitions, and intentions manifest. Believe miracles will happen for you because I believe in mines too. I trust that a sudden breakthrough will occur. Feel that high energy of change and accept it. Your about to manifest in a mayor way. You've had enough lessons. You've been patient long enough. You've remained strong through many trials and challenges. Nothing broke you. You are still here standing strong. now it's your turn to start receiving blessings and it is about to happen for you.

Things are getting more clear. The answers you need are arriving. God is getting ready to make a delivery in your life. In the meantime, celebrate and smile like you've already received everything you have been asking for. Everything is about to make sense.

My Look.
Coat Raul Peñaranda
Jeans and Sunglasses: Zara
Booties and Bag: Pretty Little Things

Thank you for reading.
XO Martha Luna.