Style Lounge Fun with fashion Friends

Fabulous Fashion People

After a long day interviewing, hosting a live fashion show and viewing some runway looks, i was in much need of a little fashion fun with my friends at the Style Lounge so i invited my fashion blog brother and my fashion blog bestie.

Posing on my look of the Day.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week step and repeat while reading New York Magazine with the stunning Lupita Nyong’o on the cover.

Spring Fashion Anyone?

Networking and meeting People.

Our Drink for the day, and we were trending because people was wondering what we order that wasn't on the drink list and we saw a few people order the same thing as us, even when drinking a fabulous drink we can be trendsetters lol.

Cheers to Life and Friendship.

Cheers to Besties and our Blogs haha.

Cheers to Fashion and our Dreams.

A little to much fun and fashion bomb in style.

My Fashion Friends, Fashion Blog Siblings lol.

I love my blog friends no one better than them understand how hard i work for my dreams we all have a purpose in this fashion world.

Yes were cool.

He thinks his cooler than me haha.

Ending a Great day at the Style Lounge in fashion with a sassy leg up.