I hope you enjoy Part I of Walk This Way collaboration blog post as much as i enjoyed writing it an being there.

Here is a few more images i took and also my interview Q & A with Owner Susan Bryant from her Walk This Way store. 

Q1: Who's is your ultimate favorite designer.
A1: Coco Chanel

Q2: What's your favorite designer you carry in your store.
A2: Kate Spade New York.

Q3: When did you first open this store.
A3: In 2005

Q4: What inspired you to decorate your store this fabulous.
A4: Giving my customers a different world of High fashion very upper east side feel here in Virginia is something totally rare, that you don't see often due to so many regular retail known stores.

Q5:Why did you pick or choose to name the store Walk This Way.
A5: Walk This was was a very interesting name because it was inviting, positive for my customers to come in and just very welcoming.

Here is Susan and I with our marching letter initial cups, which you can also buy and find in her store. Can i just mention her look was very classy and she was wearing Chanel earrings we share the love for the same designer of all time.

Home is Where you hang your Heels Up

She is the first to raise her glass and the last to say goodnight

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.

I only drink champagne on two occasions. When i'm in Love and When am not.
These e fab towels are by Toss Design Towels.

More Statement jewelry.

A few more stylish bangles i spotted that i love in the store.

This was one of Susan's favorite pieces so i give it a try.

How do i Look.

On my collaboration day at the store i also met Susan "Owner" Store "Manager" Ashley which has an amazing following and Pinterest board and guess what she also have a blog called A Blonde's DIY Life Click Here and Take a Look
For the love of Chandeliers, this is something am always looking forward to seeing in stores because it gives it such an extra elegance touch.

Something Blue.

So obsessed with this crystal mirror clear clutch.

Walk This Way shoes run from $120 to $600 and all accessories including handbags $100 to $800.

These are perfect for 4th of July which is right around the corner.

Walk This Way is a 2014 Award Winner Best Shoe Store.

Here is another Award and great achievement from Walk This Way.

Well this was one of my favorite days and most fabulous shopping experience ever since i've been living in Virginia.

I will like to Thank My Husband Joe Luna, not only he is my hero but he is my day to day photographer when he can, thanks to him you guys get to live true my images and share with me my amazing experiences, events, collaborations and more. We are a great team and his my #1 support.

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Thanks Again Susan Bryant, it was such an honor to collaborate with you, and can't wait to see you soon, Walk This Way is my new favorite store in Virginia.

Thank You for Reading.