But First Let Me Take a Selfie

The world and their selfies, so i though it was pretty fun to take a few pictures with that theme and just because i love a few of the items am wearing today plus my iPhone case is just fabulous.

I must say, wearing head-to-toe colorful leaf neon colors makes me feel extra feminine and very summerish. 
Jumpsuits are a little out of my comfort zone, but I just loved the tailored fit and colors of this little number, including the pink belt it comes with. 
 With this look i tried something new simply because i  do a lot of solid color looks, i added a pink and grey lace clutch, my cold as ice sparkly statement necklace and my 2 toned strap ankle heels, plus my Eternity Ring from ECB.

 With temperatures rising in Virginia, I don't know that I'll be able to wear styles like this for long. Back to twirly midi skirts and flowing sundresses, I guess. But i'm not complaining.

Express Heels

Cold as Ice Necklace

My Look.
Romper: Know Style
Shoes: Express
Necklace: Shinymix
Clutch: Versona Accessories
Ring: Earthy Chic Boutique
iPhone Chanel Perfume Case: ShopLately

How fabulous is my perfume Chanel iPhone case and my eternity ring, it's a blurry picture but focus on the ring and case.

Selfie time and sparkling with my cold as ice statement necklace.

But First Let Me Take a Selfie.

Capture a fun Selfie of me and my hubby who takes my daily pictures.

Thank you for reading.