I totally forgot about this fun part of my trip. Of course I'm all about dinner, shopping and movie dates but my husband is more on the extreme side. Fun for him is sky diving, ridding horses, motorcycles or simply having a dirty date where you drive a four wheeler and get muddy like this date today.

It was a new yet fun experience for me. We got to ride in Cayey where he showed me amazing views,  the place where he grew up and where he use to play when he was younger. Then we headed to Carite, where lots of couples and single riders were on their four wheelers having fun. We rode up mountains, passed through lots of mud, got dirt even in my hair, but it was so much fun. After a while we stopped to rest and enjoyed the river.

It was a dirty, muddy date but an experience to remember.

Cayey, Puerto Rico

When things were clean!!!!

Hello Four Wheeler

Hello River

It's a dirty muddy date.

In Carite, PR.

My Date for the Muddy Day.

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