Martha Luna Models for Acceso Total

Last month one of my good friends and fashion blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez   invited me to be one of her models for a TV Segment she host from time to time called fashionisima on the T.V show Acceso Total for Telemundo 47, which airs every morning at 10:00 am.

  I was thrilled because my dream as a little girls was always to be a model on for T.V and commercials,  but once i moved to New York i was told by many agencies that i was to short for modeling requirements, and then i develop my passion for writing. 

This was actually a big dream of mines come true. I got to have my moment to model on live tv for a show that's known all over Latin America and Every Latin household you can imagine.

Once i have arrived to the studio in Ft Lee, i couldn't believe i was actually there, then getting dress with all the girls and getting our make-up done by Pachi was even more fabulous.

The T.V segment was about how to dress before going on your first date, if i happen to have a link soon i will share it will all of you but for now enjoy some of the images i was able to get while enjoying this dream and modeling experience of mines.

There was 3 more models besides me, making a total of 4, each one of us had different dating theme tittles, like the girl who goes on a blind date, the girl who goes for movies and drinks, the girl who goes for a fun walk at central park and me the girl who's recoinciling with her ex on a late night date.

I love all the looks Kyrzayda put together she has amazing sense of style by the way follow her on instagram she is Fabulous with @Kyrzayda_

Welcome to Telemundo 47.

What bloggers do best use their cell phones all day long. My friend Kyrzayda and I having a phone moment lol.

Dressing Room Ready.

Make-up by Pachi Cosmetics.

Almost live for Acceso Total.

Happy MDoll @ Telemundo 47

My Look.
Dress by Tias Place
Shoes by Lulu's

Stay Tuned for Fashionisima with Kyrzayda Rodriguez.

Kyrzayda and I before it goes Live.

One of the models Cristina and I wearing Tias Place Clothes and Lulu's Shoes

Then there was 4
4 Dates, 4 Looks styled by Kyrzayda

We are ready to go live in 4,3,2,1 Acceso Total.

Martha Luna Modeling for Acceso Total. It was a great experience i loved everything about it.

Thank You for reading.