Cheers to a Pink MDoll Drink by Real Cocktails.

Real Cocktails is one of the most delicious, pre-made drink bottles i've ever tried.

 I first learned about Real Cocktails at Bella NYC Mag Hamptons White Party, they served 2 different choices, their Cosmo Martini flavor and their Margarita Drink flavor.

I knew that this delicious cocktail had to be at my Dine with MDoll Party, i reached out to Real Cocktails by e-mail and ask them if they will sponsor a few bottles for my dinner, and they was very thrilled and excited to do so, they also loved my dinner concept and agreed to ship a few bottles for my dinner to Bellini Restaurant.

 What i loved most about Real Cocktails, was that i requested the Cosmo flavor because it's a beautiful pink and the taste is delicious, just one of a kind, all you need is to chill the bottles to perfection, then serve as the most fabulous and tasty cocktails of the night that will be remember.

I used my Real Cocktails bottles as my welcome drinks, once my guests arrived to dinner, i called it The Pink MDoll Cocktail, they were chilled to perfection in a champagne flute glass  and garnished with a strawberry and strawberry sugar rim.

I did a little Q&A about Real Cocktails, to find out a little bit more about them because whoever came up with this concept and idea of the perfect cosmo cocktail in a bottle is a genius, don't you agree NY Dolls.

There's nothing more fabulous and awesome than coming home from a long day of work, and your Real Cocktails bottle is just waiting at home being chilled, and all you have to do is open it and poor it in a perfect Martini glass and there it is all done and ready to drink, while you watch your favorite TV show of the week, we all have a perfect TV date night at home like watching Empire, The Voice or even Scandal and many other great shows, or a weekend get together with our friends at home talking about our fabulous lives and just sharing some delicious Real Cocktails.

Q&A with Real Cocktails.

Q1. Tell me a little bit of  Real Cocktails.
A1. Real Cocktails is a pre-mixed, bartender-quality cocktail brand created by two people that love a high quality, well-made cocktail. What began as a low-key experiment to serve our family and friends  premium, carefully crafted, delicious cocktails slowly turned into an order taking service for serving our friends’ parties. We use premium ingredients to get an authentic taste of a Real Cocktail, and unlike the weak mixed drinks we've had elsewhere, we can count on its consistency of flavor without having to add anything. Whether we were the hostesses or bringing our creation to a friend’s home, we really love the convenience factor that allows us and the guests to enjoy parties rather than serving as bartender.
Naturally, this sparked the idea of bottling a high-quality pre-mixed drink that stood apart from any other cocktail out there. We chose two classic drinks, the Cosmo and Margarita, to focus on and are committed to delivering a high-quality cocktail that follows in our tradition of an excellent drink, in every bottle.

Q2. Who are the founders of Real Cocktails?
A2. The founders of Real Cocktails are Clara Heffernan and Dee Tantleff.

Q3. Why did you name your company or brand Real Cocktails?
A3.We named our company Real Cocktails because that’s exactly what we offer: high-quality liquor paired with all natural ingredients to deliver a real and unforgettable drinking experience, in the convenience of a single solitary bottle.

Q4. What's the most exciting event you provided Real Cocktails drinks?
A4. The most exciting event we have provided cocktails for would have to be the Bella NY Magazine White Party in the Hamptons several weeks ago, which was really fun! Everyone was having a fantastic time, all while enjoying our great cocktails! We also just wrapped up sponsoring the Bella NY Magazine Fashion Issue launch party with Nicky Hilton the other night at Trump Tower which was also wonderful.

Q5. Can we expect any upcoming new flavors from Real Cocktails than the Cosmo and Margarita flavors you already have.
A5. We do have plans to expand the line down the road, but our original concept for cocktails will remain the focal point of the line. High end, bartender quality traditional drinks.

Q6. Why was it a good idea to collaborate with blogger Martha Luna of MDollNYC for Dine With MDoll.?
A6. We thought it’d be a great idea to collaborate with you because we absolutely love your site and think we’d be a perfect fit between everything you represent and support: strong, independent women and quality products!

Q7. Any upcoming projects from Real Cocktails you will like to share with us?
A7.We’re getting ready to announce a bunch of new tasting events, but for now, check our website for where you can buy Real Cocktails directly and keep up to date with new events/tastings.

Q8. Is there a celebrity that have tried Real Cocktails and is totally in love with it, if so who?
A8.So far a handful celebrities have been spotted enjoying Real Cocktails: Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives, Nicky Hilton, Randy Jackson, among a few others that you can find over at

There you have it guys and dolls it doesn't get any more Real than that.

Check out their site at
and follow them on Instagram and twitter @RealCocktails

Cheers to Life, Dreams, Fashion, Friends and Real Cocktails.

Make sure to try their Margarita Real Cocktails also it's absolutely delicious and Thank You once again Real Cocktails and their wonderful team for sponsoring my bottles and being so fabulously and kind to me. Clara and Dee you Rock!

My favorite Cosmo from Real Cocktails.

Thanks for Reading.