Fall for MassageNow

Photo Credit: Jason Doble

What a relaxing way to enjoy your Tuesday Night, thanks to MassageNow and Nuansa Spa i got to decompress, have a refreshing cocktail, delicious bites and hang out with my friend Alexa and a few other lovely dolls i met at the spa.

Nuansa Spa is located at 605 5th Ave you can also follow them @Nuansaspa

I know you are wondering what is MassageNow: if you're not familiar with it MassageNow, it's an app made for fabulous hard working people just like us, busy fashionable New Yorkers who would love and desperately needs a massage now, but have no time or resources to relax.

The App was developed by local services, locality allows customers to quickly book a massage at a four-star spa with just a few hours notice, and most importantly at a DEEP DISCOUNT.

Using its new proprietary system, MassageNow aggregates same-day appointments across it's network of partners spas. Similar to their Massage model, new Facial and Waxing additions are more than HALF the price off a regular priced service at MassageNow's spa partners.

Users can still utilize the same amenities at each spa locale, while indulging in the deep Massage Now discount.

It was very nice of BHL Productions teams to allow me to bring a plus 1 to the Fall for MassageNow event, because my friend Alex got a Swedish massage just like me, plus it was a great girls night in the city with delicious cocktails.

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After my massage i had some delicious bites they had like veggies, fruits, cheese and crackers, some tummy dried fruits and sushi.

How yummy does this platter looks besides healthy of course.


This cocktail was super refreshing not to strong just perfect for the occasion thats why it's called The Instant Refresher.
Mini Bar is a Fast on demand delivery drink service how cool right and they also have an App.

My friend and fellow blogger Alexa Alfonso of Lexlovescouture.com 

My massage was 30 minutes but  it was amazing super relaxing, the person assigned to do my massage is from Thailand, the Swedish massage is all about flexibility seriously but i sure didn't want it to end, it was much needed and i loved it.
Photography by Jason Doble.

MassageNow is Relaxation Made Easy.

Thank You Brittaney & Natalie for having me.

Thanks for Reading.
Xo MDollNYC.