Hi to all my fabulous followers and lovely supporters, I want to thank you because you stand by me and today i will not be where i am if it wasn't for you and God.
I know i haven't posted anything lately but you can always keep up with me on social media, to be honest i've been so busy and figuring  my life out that i didn't have the time or energy to write blogs.
I will share a little bit this week with all of you what i've been up to besides, work, church and designing new make-up bags for my online store.
I am wishing all of you nothing but Love and that this year you truly work hard and go for your DREAMS, even if you take little steps do it and May God Blesses all of you and that all the desires of your heart comes true.
As of me i just want to Thank God for all he has done this past year in my life and how incredible it has been and for everything that he has prepared for me this New Year of 2017.
I know it's going to be great i can feel it.
Cheers to all of you.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
All of you mean a lot to me.
XO Martha Luna-MDollNYC