I made it to People en Español Magazine.

Dream Come True.

My visit to Time Inc was simply to drop one of my one of a kind MNYC make-up bags and Fabulous Latina hats from my collaboration collection with by born and made for Yolaine Senior Writer for People en Español magazine.

As i deliver these items personally to Yolaine then, she invited me upstairs God only know's how excited i was and how my heart was beating. I love People Mag and it's truly one of my dreams to be featured in it and also as one of the 50 Most Beautiful or 25 Most Powerful Women.

We talk a little about how i started and my career i also thank her for the article she worte about me online and a few minutes as we talk her Boss Ursula came out to meet me as well, which was very exciting Ursula is the Fashion and Beauty Director at People en Español.

This day was special to me and the begining to an open door to one of my dreams, i hope to do  something special soon with People en Español. God doesnt forget your Dreams he gives them to you when you are ready and when it's his time.

XO Martha Luna.