Tide PODS + Downy is my new favorite detergent.

I Love My New Tide® PODS™ + Downy®

Since being a teen, I've always loved washing my clothes! But I'll admit, I'm very picky about how I do my laundry. I mix my clothing together very specifically, and I've been known to stand in the shopping aisle far too long to pick a detergent that smells fresh but not overpowering. 

That's why I'm very excited to share my new, favorite detergent: Tide® PODS™ + Downy®Tide PODS + Downy! I promise this will become your clothes' new best friend. 

Tide® PODS™ + Downy®Tide PODS plus Downy is a 4-in-1 detergent packet that offers cleaning and protection from fading and stretching. 

Plus, as a clean freak, I love how neat each packet is! Every detergent I've used in the past has been so messy; the liquid spills all over my hands, or my machine, or worse, sometimes it stains my clothes. 

But since using Tide® PODS™ + Downy®Tide PODS plus Downy, my washing experience has been transformed. I feel safe and comforted knowing this product is protecting, cleaning, and conditioning the clothes that I love so much, while also keeping my washing machine and my hands clean and tidy!


Also, did you know that Tide® PODS™ + Downy®Tide PODS + Downy is suitable for fabrics that normally cannot be washed with fabric softener?

Yep, you read that right. :) 

I'd also say that Tide® PODS™ + Downy®Tide Pods + Downy has reminded me about safety when I'm doing my laundry. Especially when my nieces come over, which is normally on the weekends (when I like to get my cleaning done!) Their safe gripThe  Child-Guard™ tub ensures that my nieces won't get into my detergent and potentially hurt themselves. 


 Now, before I leave you, I want to share a few tips and reasons as to why this product is probably better than whatever you're using.  

Firstly, unlike normal detergents, remember to place your pod laundry packet in the machine before your clothing.


I know that's unusual, but don't worry, Tide® PODS™ + Downy®Tide PODS + Downy packets work in both high efficiency and regular washers. Plus, Tide® PODS™ods packets are so perfectly made that they will dissolve in both hot and cold water, leaving whatever color you're washing to come out perfectly. 


Now, in terms of how many PODS™pods to use, here's my rough guideline: When I wash a light load, one laundry pocket pod is enough. But if a laundry load is heavy, I like to use two.  

Last but not least, many of you are probably like me and very sensitive to detergents with overpowering scents. If that's you, don't sweat. Their "April Fresh®" scent is amazing. My clothes smell so fresh and I never have an allergic reaction or itchy skin. 

All in all, this product has made my clothes soft (thanks to the handy, built- in fabric softener!), smelling fresh, and looking bright. I really can't say enough about it and am so relieved to have finally found a detergent that works for me, my clothes, and my allergies! 

#TidePODSPlusDowny is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.
Thank You for reading.

Martha Luna