Hey guys! I'm so excited about my latest project and volunteering organization which will expand worldwide one day with God's blessing. I present to you Sisterhood of Faith.  2 Women with the heart and vision to give and help those in need to make a difference in the world.

 Martha Luna and Samantha Murillo are the founders of the Sisterhood of Faith. 

We came together in bringing aid to those suffering in Puerto Rico. We are committing and volunteering ourselves to this cause in the spirit of Sisterhood and Faith has brought us together and heading to our very first mission which will be on the island of PR on December 11. 

This disaster made us feel truly blessed to have clean water, food, and housing. As Latinas and humans who believe in helping others, we feel the need to bring help and awareness of the condition of Puerto Rico, which is still suffering after 60 days post-Hurricane Maria. People still need our help. 

I honestly cannot imagine what it was like going through Maria and the aftermath of the disaster, but I truly love the island and the people and their culture reminds me a lot of my beautiful Venezuela, as you all know I was moving to  P.R January 2018 and I had just return 2 days before the hurricane from a girls trip and finalizing, part of my move.  

After 70 days of Hurricane Maria, many have no clean water, unreliable electricity.  We will be volunteering our services to distribute supplies, help with cleanup and in the season of giving we would love to gift the children of Puerto Rico with school supplies and other necessities and MORE.

Please help in the cause, we plan to bring sustainability supplies, help distribution to places that need it, work with several grassroots organizations while we are there to help in whatever way we can. 

The more donations we receive, the more we can help and bless. 
Click here to Donate Sisterhood of Faith.

and we will like to thank Jessica Hernandez our volunteer from New Jersey who is heading to the island with us for our mission.

I would also like to thank my brother in Christ and friend Joel Castillo and the Maravilla Studios team Keith and Carlos for creating our logo and understanding our vision. 

The meaning of the Sisterhood of Faith logo:

  • Hearts represent the 2 founders Samantha loves royal blue and I love pink.
  • The font is handwritten representing the hands-on approach to the organization.
  • The woman is resolute and yet shows compassion in her eyes. She represents the sisterhood

The pretty awesome thing is that we can make our logo an "adaptable identity system" basically a fancy and fabulous way to say really cool logo.

"There's love to give the unlovable, grace for the unreachable and patience to endure all when we abide in love. God is love."

God is so good I thank him for putting this in our hearts, I thank him for blessing our vision and our mission which by faith this will be very successful and I know we will touch many hearts and help many people in the island. I thank him for all the people we met on such a short notice and how every door has open easily for us to do this project and all the donation we have received so far. 

We are also looking to expand and further our volunteering efforts to other countries in need in the future.

Thanks, everyone!

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