Coach x Minnie Mouse Fashion Collection.

Coach has partnered with Disney’s Minnie Mouse to launch the most fabulous and magical collection yet. The limited-edition collaboration is influenced by the style popular in the year 1941. That’s right, this is a vintage collection complete with old-school patches each with throw-back aesthetics. Check out my favorite pieces from the collection below!

Minnie Mouse Kisslock Bag         

With polka dots and mouse ears.    

Minnie Mouse Coin Case

The coin case comes with mouse ears and a dog leash clip.

Rogue 25 With Minnie Mouse

This bag features handles and a shoulder strap, plus a bunch of patches. $695.

Minnie Mouse Secret Patch Bag Charm

Clip this cute Minnie Mouse charm to your bag or keychain. $95.

Minnie Mouse Smack Patch Bag Charm

This charm features Minnie and Mickey giving each other a big smooch. $95

Crossbody Clutch With Minnie Mouse Patches

The crossbody comes in cream with pink accents or all black and a few patches on its front. $250.

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