Photo by Elias Nuñez.
Hey, guys, I don't share much about my country Venezuela due to all the negativity and all the bad news we see and hear daily.

But sometimes we are all we have to raise a voice to help the place we love. I was born in Caracas which is the capital of Venezuela.

All we hear and see is the awful government that is destroying Venezuela and my people who are suffering daily, dying and also out of food and medication and just the little things to survive.

I figure today ill teach you a few amazing facts and beautiful things my country has to offer.

1.Venezuela’s flag is tri-colored. It has three even stripes, yellow, blue and red with a half circle of stars lying in the middle of the blue stripe. 

2.Venezuela only has two weather seasons, the hot and dry season and the hot and wet season.

3.One of the largest national parks in the world is Canaima National Park which is located in Venezuela.

4. Women from Venezuela have won Miss Universe six times and Miss World five times.

5.The Joropo is the national dance of the country and is performed during national holidays and festivals.

6.Many Venezuelan homes have Christmas trees on during the holiday season. They also set up grand nativity scenes in their front yards or in their homes to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

7.Venezuelan music is a mixture of Spanish and African music. It is full of percussion instruments and is often accompanied on the streets with dancing. Street performers can be found very easily playing in the cities.

8.In Eastern Venezuela, the Warao Indians live in thatched-roof huts along the river. Their people have lived this way for over 100 years.

9.Baseball is the most popular sport to play and watch in the country. Many Venezuelan players have even moved to the United States to play in the U.S. Major Leagues.

10. Christopher Columbus was the first European to find the Venezuelan coastline.

11. Most Venezuelans do not own hot water heaters and take cold showers each night. Bathtubs are also not very common. 

12.The formal name of the country is Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela..

13.Spanish is the official language of Venezuela. There are many regional dialects spoken throughout the country.

14.Venezuela is divided into 23 states.

15.The world's highest waterfall is Angel Falls, located in Venezuela. It is over 3,000 feet tall.

16.Venezuela is considered to be one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries.

17.The country was first colonized in 1522 by Spain.

18.Venezuela's name comes from the word Veneziola, which means little Venice. It was named as such by Amerigo Vespucci, who saw houses that reminded him of Venice.

19.Lake Maracaibo is the largest lake in South America. It is also one of the oldest in the world, dating back 20 to 40 million years.

20.On the Venezuelan flag, yellow represents land wealth, blue represents the sea, and red represents the blood shed by heroes. 
I can't avoid the bad news and praying daily for my country to be set free, I love my Venezuela and the memories I have there and my childhood will be with me forever and due to that reason I prefer to think of it beautifully and this is my reason today for sharing positive facts and the beautiful things my country has to offer.

I'm tired of hearing from many judging the negative they heard and has never been in Venezuela.

I will always be proud to represent my country and say I was born in Caracas, Venezuela the current president doesn't define me.

Thank you for reading.
Location Lago de Carite/Cayey Puerto Rico
Photo Credit @eliasnunezphotography
xo Martha Luna.