The KKW Kimoji Heart Fragrances are here.

When you receive the most fabulous PR packaging you have to post about it and that's what I received this morning when Kim Kardashian West launched her fragrance the Kimoji Heart Fragrances are released, I received the pink BFF one inside a solid big bff heart chocolate, candy hearts and a postcard  with one of her cute promo images.
What a way to welcome the month of February Kardashian style and also the month celebrated as LOVE in honor of Valentine's Day, KKW Fragrance is just everything from fruity, floral, and sensual smells mixed in, these new perfumes may just be perfect for everyone. 

This is the perfect Valentine's Day smells and gift. One of the best parts of the Kimoji Hearts Fragrance and KKW product is that it won't break the bank.They're actually pretty affordable only $30 per perfume.
Thank You for stopping by.
XO Martha Luna.