Let me start by thanking God for this opportunity also to all my followers who nominated me, I dont even know where to begin and when and how this happened until i was notified today with countless text messages, phone calls, facebook comments and instagram story mentions.

I was simply taking a nap and then this awesome thing happened, I Am a finalist for the TECLA AWARDS  this April the 19th during Hispanicize the weekend of April 17-19 in Miami.

I Am so honored and excited to be part of the category I was chosen for BEST FASHION content creator, exactly where it all begin for me and what I breath and live for my passion will always be Fashion. So Muchas Gracias to everyone.

I Love the Host for this years Tecla Awards. Jenny Lorenzo and I can't wait to meet her la abuelita Cubana is so funny.

I will also like to congratulate some of my cool friends and people i admire that I spotted in the list of the finalist.

  • Best Podcast content creator - to my dear sister and friend Nancy Ruffin.
  • Best Spanish Language content creator - to my Paisana and friend Anabelle Blum.
  • Best Social Good creator "The Jewel Award" - George Torres who I admire and learn from.
  • Best Finance/couponing content creator - Brittney Castro my favorite financial advisor.
  • Best Health/Wellness content creator - Candy Calderon.
I'm so happy and proud of everyone who believes in their dreams and works so hard daily to achieve it. so congrats to all of the nominees and categories.

If you missed the Facebook Live announcement click here to view it.

Gracias so much for everything Hispanicize team. I can't wait, see you in Miami #TeclaAwards.
 Follow them on instagram @hispanicizeevent.