Miami Swim Week 2016 Dairies.

Hey readers, stay tuned to find out everything i did in Miami Swim Week, what show's i attended and of course where i got to wear all of these fabulous look.

Stay Tuned. 


Today I am sharing 25 of my top most inspiring DREAM BIG quotes of all times.

MDoll Blogging Tips 101: things to think about when starting a blog

As a  professional blogger, and the years of experience and blogging consistently for almost 6 years this coming October 2016. I have learned a lot. I want to share some of the things I’ve learned over time by having my own personal fashion and lifestyle blogs and also a few other blogs I am reading too  (and while improving my own) and what I think is important to know. Today on MDollNYC blog, learn about blogging 101 with me: things to think about when starting a blog.
This is a constant question I am asked by followers even a few friends, due that my time is so limit at the moment to answer to all I took time to do a quick blog post on this topic. I hope it helps you all and you enjoy it. Also remember everyone wants to be a blogger but this is a passion that you should have, don't do it just because it looks easy and because others get's free goodies etc. It's not easy but with passion and a lot of dedication, everything is possible.