I love my look for today specially my shirt, everything that has a positive meaning is great, that's one of the things i try to teach my friends about me being positive is the best thing you can do even when u are having a bad day positive energy attracts positive things. Dream, Believe & Achieve is one of those things that you think about on your day to day basis in life everyone had a DREAM am sure does everyone Believe it will come true not sure but if you do work hard for what you want and what u have always dreamed of you could ACHIEVE IT.
Don't just DREAM it, BELIEVE you can ACHIEVE it, success comes to those who refuse to give up, no matter how many times you have fallen just keep working hard and stay positive that you can do it and you will achieve everything you ever wanted and more.
The purpose is to DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, Inspire the young ones for a better tomorrow; Help the ones that are too weak to remember how much potential they have and that everything takes time, nothing happens overnight but that's how we can help and empowered each other to have a better tomorrow, am sure we all have those dreams that i have some want to be a Designer, Model, Fashion Stylist, Celebrity Consultant or just a Fabulous Fashion Blogger and Writer like my self.

My Look: Top from American Vintage Age
Jeans: Express
Shoes: UN United Nude
Accessories: Forever21 & Crystal Cove.

My Little Fashion Pup CHLOƉ also had a Great time outdoors on this beautiful day of Fall.

Photo Credits : Luna Photography