On rainy days, I always feel very lazy. This particular rainy friday I was feeling down for some reason so I dressed up. When I was picking my look, I remembered I had this  inspirational Le Motto tee shirt with a positive message that says "Keep Up, Don't Give Up".

At times, I feel down and gloomy and I think it's the same for everyone with big dreams. Thanks to this awesome positive tee I knew that no matter how rainy the day was and how down I was feeling, I always have to keep up and not give up.

Besides wearing my cool positive tee by Le Motto, I grabbed my fancy lace black umbrella and decided to do some fun shoots and recreate Mary Poppins in a modernized, fashionable way.

I mean who doesn't love Mary Poppins? Have you watched the movie, read the book or even watched the amazing Broadway play in Times Square? If you haven't, you totally should, it's amazing.

Take a look at how I turned a rainy, lazy and gloomy day to a fun, positive and fabulous photoshoot.

Dreams don't come true if you give up. Each day you get is another chance to make it into reality. So keep Up.
My Look.
Skirt: Zara
Shirt: Le Motto She She Bon Bon
Shoes; Bakers Puerto Rico
Handbag: Prada
Umbrella: Somewhere on 14th St. Union square
Ring: Earthy Chic Boutique
Bracelet: Forever 21

Black and Blue Details.

Hey Dear Mary Poppins.

Thank You for reading.