Givenchy 'Folie de Noirs' Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

 Givenchy 'Folie de Noirs' Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection.
Le Prismissime Yeux Noirs En Folie 
    9 shimmering eye shadow shades in a luxurious mirrored compact case embellished with a glittering star-burst motif. Shades of deep purples, bronze gold, red, black, jade, titanium and blues
Ombre Couture 
  • Noir Sequin: deep shimmering black

Phenomen’eyes Mascara
  • Bleu Folie: midnight blue
Gloss Revelateur Magic Lip Gloss 
    Transparent with shimmer
Rouge Interdit Lipstick 
    Opalescent diamond shimmer particles
Le Vernis Nail Lacquer 
  • Folie Scintillante: clear infused with glitter
  • Noir Satin: opaque abyss black