Lilly Pulitzer x Target @ Bryant Park NY.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration dropped nationwide in New York, but here in NYC we got in on the action a bit early at the "Lilly Resort"in Bryant Park, complete with a pop-up shop housing the entire collection. A countless number of fans were lined up at the eastern end of the park as early as 5am to hit the pop-up shop off of Bryant Park Grill and there was many celebrities that were in and out during the entire day, snaking their way through stanchions that wrapped around the New York Public Library just a few minutes after the doors opened at 8am.

I noticed a sales associate bringing out dozens more blouses and dresses in white and hot pink just 15 minutes into the event. Through 6pm, that includes ginger orange mango juice, ping pong, complimentary manicures in custom Essie shades (note that a more than a dozen people were lined up for five stations by 8:15), and plenty of lounge chairs and hammocks for soaking up the spring weather during an office break. Plus, the artists that created the patterns on this Target collaboration are stationed throughout the park, doing sketches and paintings all day long it was a very relaxed and nice day to be seated at the park plus i brought a little special date with me who enjoyed the park and she had on a little dressed that matched Lilly Resort Collection colors and everyone was thrilled with her, check out the pictures below to see my special date for the day.

My little date and love, my tiny teacup chihuahua ChloƩ.

Thank you for Reading.