Dine With MDoll @ BELLINI

Dress by Lulus.com 
September was a great month of celebration for me in the past and also one of my favorite months of the year, not only because it's New York Fashion Week but also because i use to celebrate my wedding anniversary, due that this September 18th i did not get to celebrate my 6 year anniversary, i am sure most of you, have keep up with all my blogs from my vow renewal to my separation post and more about my love life.

I am grateful because, i looked around and said to my self why be sad and cry over one person who hurt my feelings, i am blessed daily by God and loved by my awesome friends and these 13 fabulous people who joined me for dinner at Dine with MDoll on September 9th.

The Night was filled with so much empowerment, sharing stories of how each one have met me and how i met them and what have inspired me from each and one of my guests and friends, we also took lots of pictures, held hands and payed together, thanking God for the amazing things he does in our life everyday and the dinner we received that night.

My friend Alex give me a personal toast at the table that brought tears to my eyes, and also Ruben and just the beautiful kind words everyone shared about me, made me realize how special i am to many and the kind heart that i have that have impacted many. My friend Dara made everyone a friendship bracelet that had their initials on them.

My main concept and idea for this dinner was to also Thank them for being there for me because i had one of the hardest and saddest times last year from November and moving forward during the year, from the shocking situation with my husband, loosing my step dad last December and at times i even felt like i was loosing my self at some point that i wanted to stop blogging and stop pursuing my dreams, but someone how each one of these guest cared for me, call me, text me, invited me on a dates, listen to me when i cried, needed to vent or just a to take a walk in the city and shop etc.

This was my way to empower them and say Thank You because i was truly grateful and what better way to kick off NYFW on a positive and fabulous note with friends.

DINE with MDOLL sign by D&E Papel and delicious Selfie Cookies 

Martha Luna Dine with Mdoll

The Beautiful table setting for my guest at Bellini Restaurant.

Dine with MDoll
Dinner Menu started with a welcome drink by Real Cocktails called The PinkMdoll Cocktail, followed by some amazing plates and dish picked by General Manager Scott Brown from Bellini and my self for my guest like, first course, for the table}family style, second course, main course and dessert ending with a Pink Mdoll Bellini and delicious Selfie Cookies.

As you scroll down more of this post you will see the choices we picked for the Dinner Menu at Dine with MDoll.

As each one of my guests arrived they had a menu on their table setting a Selfie Cookie with their faces on it and a thank you cookie from me and an awesome friendship bracelet made by Dara Senders NY.

Welcome Drinks The Pink MDoll Cocktail by Real Cocktails.

My guest and i are all ready to get this night started.

Lovely Fashion People and Awesome Friends Dinning with Mdoll.

First Course Choice 1}Parma Prosciutto with Melon and Strawberries 

First Course Choice 2} Oven Roasted Yellow Tomato Gazpacho.

Blogger Babes Mellissa from SweetStylesMelissa and Naty from A Love Affair with Fashion.

More Friends and Blogger Dolls Leetal, Alexa and Tiffany.

My friend Alex Cook.

Besties Erin and Ruben.

For the Table (Family Style)
Imported Fresh Burrata Mozzarella with fig and tomatoes.

Dara and Alex.

Ruben and Sabrina.

Fabulous Girls.

Second Course} Mixed Field Green Salad, Citrus Vinagrette.

My lovely friend and fellow blogger and jewelry designer Dara Senders.

My Bestie and true loyal loving and caring friend Erin Owusu-Kesse

My male Bff Ruben Fajardo

Ali Crockett one of my New York City best friends as well, she just had a wonderful baby girl called Pia Novella it meant a lot that she took time from her busy mommy and wife schedule to dine with me that night.

Nicolle Vallese my loyal Jersey girl and friend adopted more like family.

Naty Michelle, a fellow Latina blogger from New Jersey that i admire and have inspire me in many ways and now a good friend.

To your left is my friend Leetal which i love like a little sister and thanks to her i met my blogger friend Alexa to my right who has become my path train traveling late night buddy and plus one this entire summer and during fashion week.

5 Fabulous Fashion Bloggers.
starting to my left Tiffany, MDoll, Melissa, Naty and Dara.
My partner in crime and great friend Sabrina.
Main Course Choice 1} Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet with vegetables.
Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet with Mashed Potatoes.
Main Course Choice 2} Seafood Risotto.
Main Course Choice 3} Chicken Piccata with mashed potatoes and Asparagus. 
W had so much fun, well i know i did, thank you so much all of your for coming and making my dinner so special and letting me know that i am loved by you and for your friendly support during my hard times.
Friendship matching initial bracelets by Dara Senders.
For Dessert a Pink MDoll Bellini made with strawberry puree and proseco.
Dessert} Delicious Ricotta Cheesecake.
Dessert} Tiramisu.
My Lovely Fabulous Fashion Friends.
Thank You Alexa, Sabrina, Ruben, Tiffany, Melissa, Dara, Nicole, Naty, Alex, Erin, Ali and Leetal for Dinning with MDoll.
My Look for Dine with MDoll.
I wore a fuchsia dress, paired it with my denim heels that says Love in gold and i accessorized my look with everything gold.

Where to Buy.
Dress: Lulus
Shoes: Shoe Republic L.A
Clutch: Lulus
Bracelet: Lulus
Thank You for Reading.

To all my sponsors Real Cocktails, Selfie Cookies, D&E Papel, Dara Senders NY and a Big Special Thank You to Bellini Restaurant for providing their amazing staff, delicious food, wine, and the amazing venue for Dine with MDoll,  Thank You all so much.